Love it!

You can do it! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers and readers from everywhere: the US, Thailand, France, Guam, Australia, India, South Korea, Israel, Greece, and Malaysia! 😉

Time is money, that is what they used to say, is it still the case?

How about the moments that you consider money can’t buy; the moments that you’d give all what you have to get it? giphy

This rule wouldn’t apply to that. You’d spend all the time in a moment that would please you the most. The moment when you take the last sip of your coffee (if you were a coffee drinker)  😆

It’s just a simple example. There’s plenty of other good examples in your life definitely!

Aisha & Sufa agreed that the best moments for them were the moments of love. May be you’d agree to that. Do you?

Until we chat again, it’s love that inspire you to do prosperous things that would leave a good memory of others with our hugs and kisses

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