Serbia² SuperStar Sara

It’s a Saturday and it’s quite warm here today. Pool or beach is such a good idea! First welcome to all of you from the US, India, Canada, n Spain 😉

One more time, we are adding a new SuperStar to our 7000 SuperStars. She is a m3lovely lady with a story full of fitness and challenges like many of us.

Let’s hear it, and see what kind of lessons we may learn from it, even if it was similar to others who were interested in dancing fitness, it is still new, because one new word could be enough for inspiring you. 💡

My name is Sara Savic and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia, Balkans, Europe. I am 47 years old, I have one son, one husband and one dog 🙂

For my full time job I work as a scientist in a veterinary laboratory. I have a PhD in veterinary medicine and I am one of the lucky ones who love what they do for living.

For the last 20 years I have dancing as my other job – a part time job, which is

actually my passion. I was a jazz dance teacher and choreographer for many years working with adults and preschool kids. And then some 6-7 years ago, I heard about Zumba. I had no idea what it was, because at that time there were probably only 2-3 minstructors in whole Serbia.

I did not attend one single Zumba class before I went for the training. The name Zumba was immediately interesting to me, so I went for a training. During my B1 training I fall in love with the whole idea of Zumba and the institution of Zumba…I was overwhelmed! My ZES was Marta Formoso – she was fantastic!!!

I was already 40 when I took my B1, but due to my long experience in giving classes in jazz, I knew exactly what to do after the training. I got my licence in November 2010 and I became ZIN on the spot. I understood the advantages of becoming ZIN right away and I was very happy about it.

Two weeks later I gave my first class. At the beginning it was not easy because Zumba was not known here and I had to do a lot of promotion in order to introduce the new kind of exercise to people. But I loved it…I had training with 1-2 students, but I also had ones with 40 people in the gym and I love it every time.

After a few years of being zumba instructor I got into contact with home office and got m6myself involved into helping in organizing training for new instructors. I loved that too! I enjoyed it every time we got new instructors in the region. I tried to be there for everyone and to answer all the questions and doubts, because I knew that once they take the training they will be overwhelmed just like I was.

I was lucky to meet several ZESes after Marta and every-time I was amazed how great they are, with their energy and enthusiasm…and every time I learned more and more about Zumba world. And then after some time, my husband talked me into becoming a distributor for Zimba-wear for Serbia and that was completely new challenge for me…but that’s another story 🙂

Wow! So nice to have Sara with us and we all wish her the best in her future projects. Pls feel free to reach to Sara via FB or our group 1ZumbaCircles, or our website of course:

Until we talk again, we wish you all the best, and hang up there, stick to our topics page, and read about all the secrets we have.

With our love ❤


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