Befriend with magic without being turned into a magician! 😉 Woops! Welcome back friends from the US, India, Canada, the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey 😉

Magic is magic. It will stick to you so long as you believe in it, but it may abandon you if you became a disbeliever.

History presented to you many magicians all of them were verified except for one. The very first one who belonged to Ancient Pharaohs “Dedi“. It was believed that it could be just a fictional character. Well! If pharaohs were able to build that huge magical civilization erecting those wonder pyramids, mummifying deceased ones, entertaining queens and kings by magicians wouldn’t be hard to establish, right? This is not our subject here though.SophieMagic4

Magic is nonphysical untouchable practice since it’s all tricks. It’s something you don’t see. The trick is within the unseen part for you. 

Similar to real or natural magic, the professional magic can not be seen. In natural magic you would see the trees growing up, what you don’t see is how they are growing up, although you many have some idea about how the growth happens.

The professional magician is a trick player similar to a piano player in a way, but the piano player performance on the piano is visible to you, while the magician’s performance is partially visible, coz you only see what he wants you to see, but the real thing that is taking place coz of the existence of the trick, you  don’t see, unless you are another magician who is playing the same craft.

History gave us a long list of magicians’ names, all of which were known for having some dark side in a way or another. Their lives were mystery for people who surrounded them. I guess they needed to keep their secrets away even from the very close persons to them, protecting their business. Perhaps it’s the toll for professional magic who knows?

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A number of books were written about magicians, and it is of great interest to many people to discover how those magicians survived. If you think about it, they must have gone through hell to get their names remembered to be associated with magic.

We’ll talk more about it, but until then, stick to our magical topics, and find your instant inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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