Chase Cheese²

A driver is the same as a captain in a ship; both are in control of keeping you safe! Welcome back friends from the US, Turkey, the UK, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, Thailand, Switzerland, and India 😉

Chase didn’t know that some cheese could cause some kind of allergy. It all depends on the ingredients that are there, inside your cheese, right?

Chase was invited to that great party which had females majority from the Bay Area. Many of them were at Berkeley University, not necessarily the same departments though. My daughter told Chase about that party earlier and that it was going to be on a boat. He was reluctant at first to join but later on, he felt it was OK to go.sophiechasecheese2

It was really cool with a lot of drinks and food decorated nicely and situated on the boat’s  middle table. Everyone was helping ….. Chase was a bit uncomfortable coz there was only a few number of guys while pretty classy girls were everywhere.

The bar was set up in a way that allows guests to mix their own drinks, it had everything like cocktail shaker, fresh citrus, glassware, etc. It was so nice to mingle and talk to others as Chase mentioned to Stan after the party.

The DJ was fabulous he arranged for an array of songs old and new to satisfy  most of the tastes of his listeners. Chase got all his courage to ask that girl to dance with him. She did, after which they moved to the bar, then to the food table where there was a splendid collection of cheese. They started talking about cheese and how it’s so delicious and both agreed almost on most kinds they liked.

Shop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at Buckle.comShop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!Grabbing some Swiss cheese with eyes, eating it, both of Chase and his new friend were laughing. He was suggesting why the Swiss Cheese holes were called eyes, and that the cheese would be called blind cheese if it didn’t have those holes. So far everything  went pretty well, until his new girl-friend sounded shouting at him: “Chase cheese, …. where’re you?   Chase ..Uh”Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!Sometimes there is no logic for what’s happening for you or around you. Other times, there is, but only according to you. It is all about your perception for situations. Your perception is unique, but yet your logic would conform with others’ logic if you had the same standards, if not there would be different ways of seeing and evaluating things.

When that is the case the best way to deal with it is to have a dialogue, giving examples of simpler nature so everyone around you would understand where you’re heading

Until we chat again, live our topics which might seem simple to you, but it’s really pretty sophisticated on higher level, with our hugs and kisses EasyRentCars.comEasyRentCars.comQatar Airways


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