Calendars’ Analysis!

Multi-talented, this is who you are! 😉 Dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Greece, Pakistan, India, Spain, France, & South Africa: Great to have you all here with us today! 😉

Let’s see the type of calendars you chose during the last post you’ve read here and what they represent. In other words, what the calendar you chose would say about you and your life-style Pay attention you might be surprised 🙂


1- Traditional thinker. Monotony is in your life. Cheerfulness is not as frequent as it should be or probably your life’s negativity level is higher than the standard norm. For some reason you’re doing the same thing over and over again with little rewards. Routine is prevailing factor in your life.

2- You are flexible person but classic in the way you think. You can do it vertical or horizontal or anyway you want. It doesn’t matter it doesn’t bother you a bit. You’re practical seeing your goals in a systematic way. You tend to be patient and very sincere to some people while not as much to others.Berrylook Free Shipping Over 55+3- Modern thinker who likes organization and time is important in your life. Time is accountable and you have hearty trends that amusing you, nevertheless you can discipline yourself until you finish what you start. Adventurous personality likes to see new places.

4- You have love for plants and natural resources. Nature has significant role on your life. Healthy food and physical fitness have a special meaning for you. You’re very organized and can prioritize things according to their importance and urgency. You seek things you don’t wait until things come to you due to constant ambition.Shop Few Moda50% Off Select Filtration Systems5- very unorthodox persona. You fill your life with wise quotes. You appreciate a good cup of coffee/tea. You don’t mind to enjoy your coffee before taking a look at your calendar. Enjoying life is essential part you mostly consider when you’re taking your decisions. Money for you is means not a target.

6- You have deep love and tender views towards animals. You can defend animals’ rights and persuade others to have a good attitude towards animals. With your tender heart towards animals, you can walk miles without complaining. If you can invite the whole world to share your mercy feelings towards animals you would.

If you thought the analysis didn’t really match with your tendencies. It’s ok, it’s not meant to be a serious personality analysis. It’s only meant to be for chatting and entertainment.

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Until we chat again,share with us what you’re planning to do through this holiday. Probably you’d be inspiring for others who read our posts. So do this with our hugs and kisses Modo Bath

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