You’ve been crazy  but it’s better than lazy! 😉 Welcome back and very happy New Year 2020 every nice friend and reader from everywhere: the US, Japan, Thailand, Czech Republic, Austria, Indonesia, India, the UAE, Vietnam, India, Hungary, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Sweden, France, South Africa, Turkey, Bangladesh, Australia, Italy, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Norway, Ukraine, the UK, Romania, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Hong Kong SAR China, Switzerland, Pakistan, China, and Argentina! 😉

So what’s the story with the calendars?Qatar AirwaysWhy is it important to have a calendar? Simply for planning ahead your work. If you’re a business, it would be facilitating the tasks and timing you so that you can accomplish your goals on time.2020SOPHIE

If you were an individual, still it would be working for you since you’re managing your own time. It would keep your appointments or your commitments right in front of your eyes reminding you of meeting certain deadlines.

Most importantly, your calendar is your communication tool with the other circles around you. You’d be surprised how much you’d be able to know about your opponents if you examined carefully their calendars 🙄


Some of you keep their memories on calendars including a brief description of a special  date. You’d probably go back to that date some time in the future to get a pleasurable memory.

For these reasons and others, we’re sharing our calendar with all of you. If it would be of help to you in any possible way, we’d be very happy for you.

oie_oie_glittersUntil we chat again, here’s what you need to do: dig further deeper into your posts list and get to the bottom of your inspiration, you’d come up with further fantastic ideas with our hugs and kisses


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