Drunkard Affairs!

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He said he was in control and not to fear for his ability to stop any time he wanted, but was it really the case?Qatar Airwaysoie_oie_glitters

It’s hard to deal with alcoholism issue. When you have a friend or a relative who is an addict it’s harder to deal with because it is not yourself who have the control, it’s someone else.

Shop Few ModaYour wish to help your friend and to get him cured is compromised by the bad-influence friends who keep encouraging him/her to drink. They don’t want to be there by themselves. They want to see everyone else around them to hit the bottom the same way they are.

Not only that it is your friend himself/herself who might be the big obstacle in your way to help him/her.

Because it is a very sensitive situation, and because you love your fiend and you don’t want to lose him/her for alcohol, you need to be very smooth and emphasizing your real deep care for his/her best interest.

Remember when Trump mentioned his late brother who died of alcoholism and how that scared him of ever drinking alcohol?AlcoholPromblemOut of love, care, and fear of bigger problems, you set the base for being there for him/her. Give assurance that you’d be there till s/he reaches a safe shore, and that you’d continue watching on him/her with all the help needed.

WorthyBuild a higher level of deep trust and compassion. Sympathize and empathize! You’ll find their ears are open when sober. Therefore, choosing the right time is critical. You don’t want to waste a 30 min serious talk if s/he was loaded.

Denial is expected. very few alcoholic people will admit their problems. That’s why you need to be patient and consistent. Giving up on your friend is something that might leave a scar in your heart so just know that you’d be the cornerstone for your friend until s/he comes back to a complete recovery.

Herbal drinks could be very helpful method in fighting that vicious disease. The habit of having a glass of a drink in your hand also is an element involved. You might need to address it too.oie_oie_glitters

Until we talk again, stay cool, start the countdown for your New Year. It’s only 10 more days and nights with our hugs and kisses

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