Lights Countdown!

Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Portugal, Canada, India, Russia, the UK, Bahrain, Peru, Thailand, Netherlands, and Pakistan! 😉

Counting down for a new year, asking yourself what did you do during this whole year. Many are doing exactly the same. Some are happy and others are dissatisfied. How about you?Qatar AirwaysShop Few Moda


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SeaBear SmokehouseBerrylook Free Shipping Over 55+You might experience something nice similar to a wedding you had, a baby you were blessed with, a family that loves you more than anything else, or a degree that you finish.

Or, you can see it as a damn year; a year that should have been completely crossed out of your life, as if it never happened. Wow! This could be hurting a lot. Loss of any dear one or money makes your year somehow gloomy.But still, no matter what, you want to finish the year positively. You don’t want negativity during the countdown for the NY.SophieCountDown

Few ModaThen out of the no-where, as Tammy said: “It just comes to you out of the blue. It’s like a punch in the face that would make you mad and sad.”

Some said that “This time of the year is like a combination of luck, electrons, and people’s chemistry bla bla bla. If they gathered to be a good company, it’s fine but if they turned out to be a bunch of losers and you didn’t see yourself fit in, that’s when many bumping might occur, and the faster you withdraw, the better it would be keeping some distance”.

Interacting with different mentalities is tough. Enjoying yourself shouldn’t be hard though. Take’m as is. Don’t comment, don’t’ get involved in a serious connection. Just be there for some temporary fun, or for someone you care for.

Remember that by the end of the year there are plenty to do and although your intentions might be good, you’ve get to give a space to others, and let them do what they wish to do before starting a new year.sophieChannel

Until we chat again, remember to have your pen and paper handy for it’s this time of the year where a lot of inspiration can come to you in abundance with our hugs and kisses

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