Holiday Estrangement!

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In old days, grown-up kids used to visit their parents during the holidays, but nowadays it’s the opposite.

Family EstrangementWhy? If you’re looking for reasons, don’t count they’re plenty but it’s not our topic today. With new terms and analyses, you’d easily get lost. May be you heard the term “family estrangement”, which is one factor in the changes of hosting your parents, but do you really know what it is?

Briefly, it’s being no longer on friendly terms or part of your family. You can easily define it but its meaning can hardly be completely understood due to the so many variations of each family.

Even how you’d feel about this term when you hear it varies. It could be hard for you as for many others, while it could be taken lightly by some.

Some studies tell you that the best way to deal with family estrangement is to talk about it and to try to solve your issues coz no matter what it’s your family, and your family only, who would really care about you and your best interest.sophieChannel

Few ModaOne recent study though contradicts that by saying that sometimes family estrangement is good for the person who suffer from abuse especially physical or sexual abuse, which makes sense. It would be torture to live your life under these circumstances if they were true.

For traditional people, assuming that the majority is, severing one individual of the family affairs is like totally unacceptable. Trying to replace your family with whom you call friends is sad, and it’s even sadder when you did that during the holidays.

Family estrangement is a term that irritates a lot of you because it is simply against the normal human relationship specifically between parents and grown-up kids or other relatives of the family in general.

What’s expected of grown-up kids is to be a caring part of their parents lives while they became adults, to help them enjoy their remaining days on Earth the way their parents did with them.

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This doesn’t mean that you owe them anything; they choose to have you and they were as good parents as they could. What is expected from you is something that should arise in you out of love out of care.

There is only one positive prevailing concept: “Love should be there among the one family, no matter what”, although each family is unique. And Yes, you have the same blood in in your veins not with anybody else.

Gloria admires Trump‘s family for being all together. No matter how hard others tried to break them apart, it didn’t work. That’s a typical. Interesting point of view and you may wonder if it was true but that is how it is perceived so far.

Family EstrangementFamily estrangement is a disliked term by many but some see it as a solution for severely abused ones. During the holidays when families get together and parents visit their adults kids there are some instances when complete satisfaction is missing due to the switch between being visited and being the visitor.

It could feel awkward but not a family estrangement, it’s just switching roles,or you  may  call  it  a  holiday estrangement. 🙄Modo Bath

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Until we chat again, be cheerful with your family, be hospitable and caring, and find something nice about your kids, parents, relatives. Just enjoy with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel

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