The How!

Brilliance is in the achievement! 😉 As always, welcome back to your home dearest friends readers from everywhere: the US, Belarus, Philippines, Dominican Republic, the UAE, Switzerland, Mongolia, Sweden, the UK, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, and Thailand! 😉

Is it true that you can magically make a mixture of both of them together?


Well, it takes a talent!

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As an example, take that new movie. It’s an excellent model in how to do this. A brilliant film in many many ways, and it can be used to get mixed up with another element- a new one. How?

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May be if you went back to who wrote the story, you get a feel of its authenticity.

Acting was excellent. Oscar trophy is completely justified. Bale was good but Liam Neeson could have been a better fit for that role. Damon was very natural as usual.

Motivational movie in line with :The secretariat”.

Kids can watch this movie “Ford v. Ferrari” safely.ford1

It sends some messages:
-the executive corrupted nature or manners .

-a good movie doesn’t have to include sex scenes.
lightly it was taken, the death of a racer as a   passing event.

It also expose an important fact about auto-race and the nature of the drivers in these races. Drivers are willing to lose their lives for speed competition.

Now, here comes the How!
You can introduce a friend from NASA, who is willing to take the same exact risk or even less for competing with the future! 🙄

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May be you can see what we see or may be not, but it will happen and sooner than what you think due to necessity of mankind.

Until we chat more, keep having nice dreams, you’ve got a limited time on Earth with our hugs and kisses

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