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What would you do if a path took you somewhere else other than the one you wanted?! 😉 Back and welcome dearest fabulous friends writers readers everywhere: the US, India, Ireland, the UK, Spain, South Korea, Germany, Canada, France, Pakistan, and Tunisia! 😉

As most of you know, some homeless people are suffering, but now added to being unable to find a shelter, they are unable to protect themselves against that creepy Virus. BuyA Picture

Trying to get some donations for them came short so we’re thinking if any of you can buy to use any of our original pictures/photos/drawings for any nominal amount ($20), this would really help a bit in raising cold/heat protection awareness  and provide more clothing or blankets to some vulnerable groups.

You’re welcome to check on thoroughly our original pictures/photos/drawings, you might find something inspiring that you can use in your business, publishing, logo, etc.. For questions, pls email:

Until we chat again, let’s do some good, who knows what or how tomorrow would be. Otherwise, just enjoy our updated topics list and always with our hugs and kisses WorthySmarter Loans 728X9050% Off Select Filtration Systems

SeaBear Smokehouse


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