We Care!

You’re missing the point, Heavens, Earth, and all what’s in-between were created for no playful purpose! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers bloggers readers friends and all from the US, the UK, Austria, Peru, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Algeria, Australia, Nigeria, Italy, India, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, China, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR China, South Africa, and South Korea! 😉

There is a lot of uncertainty out there, but some did it. Did you do it too?

Some places did it: Open back their stores which is absolutely good step as long as they are taking all the required measurements in protecting themselves and Opentheir clients.

You try hard to understand what’s going on around you and you come up to one conclusion: out of some kind of gain, each announced claimed view comes out, ignoring your real needs and pretending to care for you.

Every single company you call would have a recorded voice: “Due to COVID19 we took some measurements to protect you. We care for you and your family”. After a long introduction which keeps you over the phone for 15 min, you don’t get an answer for the question you have, instead you are directed to an online site to go to in order to process your question.

When you go to the site, of course you’ll need to register yourself to have a valid account, then you can sign in and find out where exactly you have to follow up with.

No customer service any more, although customer service is supposed to be a job which is done from home. Why then did they cancel customer service response?  Then instantly you’d receive an email asking you to answer a survey to evaluate the service they did for you. What kind of programming is this?

Best answer, guess what? Because they care for you! Cutting down their expenses 45% instead of helping you in this critical time when you really need someone to talk to not a computer to sit in front of banging your head to its monitor for God knows how long.

Terrible solutions done by giant companies, but they say: “We Care”! 🙄

Until we chat again, try something from our alphabetical Special list with our hugs and kisses

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