Face-Book Went Down!

Never disrespect people or their watching habits! 😉 Thank you and welcome back dearest friends writers bloggers thinkers readers and others from everywhere in your beautiful Earth, from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Qatar, Poland, and Turkey! 😉

Here’s what they do?

You go to YouTube and you’re watching a nice clip or a movie. Your busy-mind is taking a break from all turmoils in life. Then all of a sudden your mood is totally spoiled by that weird pop-up sleepy ads.

Especially when you’re watching any Trump or Trump-related  materials, an irritating  unmeaningful Dems’  ad would interrupt your thoughts just for the sake of having you switch to something else. Absurd and ridiculous, poor minds!

Where’s the impartiality, Media?
Why the double standards?

If people liked Trump more than his opponent, be it. It’s none of your business, you ain’t gonna change that. You-Tube also use the picture of Trump to have people click on it, and then it turned out to be irrelevant to him and related to his opponent. It shows how weak and nasty these fellows are.

It’s something Godly given to him. People like him more than the other fellow, so be neutral and don’t lose your face. Otherwise, your book will end up closing its doors like others.

Respect others privacy in watching whatever they like. Don’t punish them coz your ads do not appeal to them. Respect pls.

Until we chat again, you may like to check on all related topics to get more inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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