Overcome Uncertainty²!

Aim big so when you end up getting something it would be better than nothing! 😉 Welcome always dearest friends any time anywhere from the US, the UK, Canada, France, Paraguay, Costa Rica, China, Sweden, Pakistan, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Thailand, and all! 😉

Overcoming uncertainty is a must. Self-healing exists and is proved to be working. It’s just a matter of new concepts. Have you ever tried any of its techniques?

SophieSelf-Healing. Identify the things that give you a smile: tell yourself what they are. Talk to yourself and admit the fact that there are things that bring feeling good to you, real things not including getting drunk or doing abnormal deeds. Just bring everything that please your mind whether it’s a painting, nature, music, memory, anything this is healing and strengthening your body.

. Identify things that make you relax, and this is different from the previous ones coz you can be relaxed but not feeling good.

. Divide any thoughts in your mind into smaller chunks of thinking threads. Thus you would give your mind enough time to process everything you’re trying to achieve.

. Identify your cause of anxiety, hesitation, or/and uncertainty.

. Know your goal such as stop thinking negatively of yourself. Yes, this could be a goal to achieve, why not?
(To Be Continued)

It’s important to try to heal yourself before anything else. If your symptoms of stress, hesitation, uncertainty or tension became overwhelming, ask a specialist opinion and try to follow advice

. Stop counting. It’s exhausting like the bad news.

Your body produces positive vibes which is really healing. You can heal yourself from all emotional stress.

Try it.

Until we chat again, you have a lot of homework to do with our hugs and kisses

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