Moon Effects³!

Great to have you all fantastic friends with us today; especially new friends from the US, the UK, France, India, Canada, and all! 😉

As a continuation for your yesterday’s post, here’s why we think that lunar effects could extend to humans:

The girl was in her early twenties and she was a very nice healthy active young lady. She was a close friend to my daughter but she was few years older.

X lived right next to us. My daughter can talk to her when she is in the terrace, that close her house was from us. I could see her terrace from my bedroom so was my daughter.

Years ago we heard some loud voices coming from X’s house. It was apparently some tension between X and her dad but we couldn’t hear the details. We thought it was a normal family disagreement.

The following day we found X sitting on a chair at the entrance of her house wrapped up in a blanket and we said hello she didn’t answer as if she was frozen or put in a silent mode. She didn’t look back at us, her head and her eyes were gazing into the nowhere.

From that day on we didn’t see the normal X again. From some neighbors and from some school girls with my daughter, we heard that X developed a lunar mental health episodes.

My daughter and i witnessed that pretty girl spending long hours sitting on a sofa in her terrace completely doing nothing except gazing at the moon as if she was in a long ravery and no matter what anyone does she would not response or seemed to notice any.SophieMoonEffects3

Doctors said that she was on a shock, something had happened to her caused her to disconnect herself from your world.

The moments we were watching her from a distance were very hard coz we knew her and we loved her. We couldn’t bear seeing her like that. it was painful and moving and sad.

Her family and everyone knew her felt sorry for what was going on with her. Everyone was helpless to find a way to return her back to how she was. We asked around and we visited her in hospital when she was admitted there but in vain.

Since we moved out from that neighborhood whenever we remember her, we remember how the moon took her from us as well as from everyone else.

It was unexplainable how she was able to sit down on a chair for long hours without eating sleeping or using the restroom, like a stone her eyes wouldn’t move or turn towards anything else except the moon, as if she couldn’t feel that there was anyone around her. So painful and so real loss.

Since then we believed that people could lose their loved ones to the Moon

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until we chat again, probably you can bring some entertainment for us or suggest with our hugs and kisses

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