Escape to Entertainment!

Many doors are out there, the right one you will knock at! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers writers friends from every where: the US, Vietnam, Russia, the UK, Serbia, Spain, Qatar, India, China, France, and all! 😉

You might be very puzzled of these two choices, but there was a reason.

Long before the COVID19, we talked about how the entertainment business is expected to be as large as you never expected.

After the virus, the entertainment Industry became even far bigger growing expectations. The reasons are obvious: people mostly staying home or spending more time at home; therefore, it’s normal that they will watch TV or some sort of entertainment more than when under their normal circumstances or lifestyle.

This situation made it very challenging for TV channels and for the whole entertainment industry to keep up with the demand. In spite of the fact that there were plenty of new video games out there, yet the majority of audience favors TV over any other methods of entertainment.

Closing theaters was another element that added more audience to the available entertainment channels.

Netflix tries hard to keep its members busy but they had a number of issues. Their movies production lacks the knack of the American movie but this is for another post. Another reason is the trend of super violence production.

In addition, old movies have been there for a long time with rarely adding any new real ones, and instead they change the cover picture of the same movie and put it under another genre. Ridiculous!


Nevertheless my family was able to locate few things to watch and the amazing part was that both options were for kids. You are surprised, I bet you are but you shouldn’t since the art that was contained in both movies was super intelligent and it deserved applause.

You may agree or disagree since it’s hard to unify all tastes, but since there is a chance for you to be as bored as we were before watching those two movies, the chances are high in liking them. Anyway they were our escape to entertainment. 🙂

The 1st was called: ” Dragons Rescue Riders”, and the 2nd was “Mary Poppins Returns”.

Until we chat again, let’s know if you like it and keep exploring with our hugs and kisses

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