Your Money⁴!

 A bit of cloudy weather today but the sun says hello for a part of it! 😉 Welcome back special friends from the US, India, Bahrain, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Colombia, Bolivia, and all! 😉

“If it takes forever, I will wait for you, for a thousand summers, I will wait for you, till you back to…”, beautiful song!

B: When I said you’re getting very close that is b/c you’re getting the concept.UrMoney2
A: How?
B: You said you’ll work with what you have, right?
A: Yes, I said so, what else should I do.

B: You took the decision not to go to the market and buy additional ingredients, you prefer to save your money and your trip and to depend only on what you have, and this is how nations grow richer with currency gaining strength instead of losing.

A: You kind of confuse me now, do  you mean the $ is getting weaker bc we don’t work on what we have and instead we reach out to get more of ingredients that we don’t have? is there anything that we do not have?

B: We do have everything but are we the source of these things or someone else who gets all the profits?
A: Oh! I see genius, so long as we can’t be happy with what we have and we open our hands to outsiders begging them for more of their ingredients, our $$$ will keep going down?

B: Not only that, sometimes they can make the cake and want to sell it to you with the same exact ingredients you have b/c they can steal your recipe. You need to protect your assets and this is an important one and very difficult to do unless you are really smart, and you are smart.

Until we chat again more about it, stay cool exercise even with simple walk, with our hugs and kisses

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