Big Deal³!

Stop nagging instead focus on effective action and own your own standing! 😉 Great to be here with all of us today so thank you for being part of your day our dearest lovely friends from everywhere: the US, India, Kenya, Canada, Japan, Bangladesh, the UK, Cameroon, Germany, Italy, South Africa, China, Nigeria, and all! 😉

Do you think you are helpless? Untrue! You have all the tools that you can access to score. It is only a matter of dedication and clear vision.


Always remember the big lies such as the stimulus check or the housing programs by those surrounding your world and disregard all the pressure they put on you.

The third tool will require you to start  looking at every single item you buy, and you buy a lot. “Where is it made?”, always ask yourself. If you can pick up only the products that are made by your people, and leave others on shelves unsold, you would know how strong you are. You are strong!

The People are the heart of the nation. You are the People. You should be respected and your demands should be adequately met and administered.<a href="http://"Worthy"“>image<a href="http://"Qatar“>imageUntil we chat again, still working on Tom Hanks movie may be it would be in our next post, with our hugs and kisses


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