The Stand In!

Love People! 😉 Great to have you all dearest lovely friends from everywhere: the US, Mauritius, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia, Turkey, France, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, Syria, Kenya, Portugal, China, Poland, Netherlands, Cameroon, India, Taiwan, Nigeria, and al! 😉

Rebert invited us to watch a new movie. We thought that he would get a DVD from the Red Box but to our surprise it was a new movie on Netflix. “It’s OK” Sandy and I said after knowing that it was a comedy. Everyone needed to laugh a bit.

However the movie was not hilarious or bringing any kind of real humor to us. It was rather simple and straight forward till the end. And although it was not that sophisticated or complex, it was giving you a clear message about the fakeness that is easily spread in your community,  and how it has become ok for someone to go with it, so long as there was a price and there was a connection to celerity on Social Media.

Everyone was talented in her/his role and scenes moved on smoothly, but for the first time, there was an actress who openly admitted that the celebrity’s life is not that enjoyable one as Media fake it for you.

“The Stand-In” is a family movie perhaps except for one or two scenes. Other than that it was good. Then Robert suggested to watch another movie but it was so late so we decided to meet again next week.

Until we chat again, most probably you will enjoy it with our hugs and kisses ❤Engagement Rings Gemstone Earrings Littman Jewelers SOUL 


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