Bikes or Spikes!

Every 24 hrs. you turn one more day in your life into the past! 😉

It is good to check on that table published by Forbes to understand the real reasons behind the spikes in the Gas prices:

Top 10 Oil Producing Nations 2000 to 2021

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike - The EASY and STRESS-FREE WayBut what should you do after knowing the reason? 

Since each one is different, you might expect that some would try to replace the car by another means of transportation such as using a bike instead of the car.

If you might have already noticed that some people started using bikes or some form of bikes. Remember there is plenty of kinds of bikes using new tech where you can just stand on it and it would take you anywhere you want very quickly.

You might think that it is just a spike, and it will go down again, but do you really think so?

Super Glide 4.0 Stand-On Fat Bike | Ride the Glide Store

The Super Glide 4.0 is one of our newest and coolest models, a fat tire electric stand on bike. Both like a bike and a scooter. It’s big like a bike, and packs the kind of punch you’d expect for the size, but you ride it like….more

Most of the time it is hard to get used to a new type of bike but according to this company, it is said that it has become very simple to stand on your bike, and although it is not that cheap, it definitely will save you all the headache of the gas spikes.

You definitely will provide contact information for the manufacturer in case of your user’s need.

Until we chat more about your money, keep well and appreciate your sunny days, with our hugs and kisses


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