The Spikes!

Calculate your blessings if you can! 😉

Can someone impose on you donating for any cause? Supposedly, no, not to your best knowledge, but hey, what about imposing higher gas prices on you?

Is this fair for people who are suffering dearly from being low-income?

Cartoon: Gas tax | Winchester Star |

Is this fair to pay more in gas for truckers who could hardly save some money to buy some kind of shelter/home?Krugman: A world running on empty

Teachers are in a strike. Sure, you know the reasons. It is the unbelievable spikes in the prices of everything: rent and gas on top of them.

There should be a decisive solution for the people‘s suffering. People should not be forced to pay more for services that should not be raised in prices for any any reason. You cannot keep up with prices spikes every single day and each day due to another absurd reason has nothing to do with your living.

The Financial Philosopher: Why Are Gas Prices Going Up in 2021? An Economic  Explanation (and Philosophical Remedy)People stop going to work bc their income does not cover their work expenses. When you work 7/8 hrs with an income that doesn’t cover your basic needs. It is heartbreaking for your whole family, but is there someone out there among those decision-makers who really cares?

You no longer believe in any of the fake promises. You just hear numbers of billions and trillions that are devoted to serve certain humanitarian problems with no real implementation.

Until we chat again, stick to us and read more to catch up with your inspirational ideas, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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