All Hail!

Be yourself! 😉 You’re unique, sensible, and have a lot to give! 😉

Seriously, when it rains it pours (in a positive way. When your goal is to have one and to have another one for a plan “B”, then you find yourself having plan a, b, c, and d. This is just fabulous!

It is a great feeling to have all these great ideas coming to you and now you are struggling in a nice way in settling down on one of them or at least having an acceptable order for them.

AllHailRight. As you are expecting, for this weekend’s movie or entertainment recommendations, here’s a list:

From Netflix:

*“All Hail”, it is really a nice family story. It is not deep nor complicated but that is why it is entertaining. Simplicity works good in this movie. Its rhythm is good and its all elements are covered very professionally. No irritating tone or out of line hint.

Just Say Yes film poster.png*“Just Say Yes” is another simple entertaining movie. It addresses one family issue between sisters which will be relaying to many females.

Sistersjealousy is really exists and the beauty of this movie is that it solves this issue using sense. If it doesn’t make sense, it could have been far less successful which is counted a point for this movie.

From “Redbox”, you can watch “Gucci” but it is not a family movie since it includes many sex scenes, unless your kids are adults. It might be better to talk a bit about this movie in our next posts.

Until we chat again, suggestions or comments are dee[ply appreciated , with our hugs, & kisses

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