Asking questions sometimes reveal important facts! 😉

Well, it has been a long debate for abortion laws. Some think that it is only about interfering with the bodies of pregnant women. In other words, they think that nobody should tell women what to do with their bodies.                  Anti-abortion Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock 

GIPHY's Top 25 GIFs of 2019. 2019 was a wild one — you're not alone… | by  GIPHY | MediumIf you calmly think about it, you’ll find out that it is not about pregnant women; it is rather about the babies they carry. The babies are gifts from God to humans. Babies are like angels, do you think it is justifiable to kill a baby?

Unless there is a very good reason for getting rid of the baby such as severe sickness or others, one should be sympathizing a baby. A baby who cannot talk or do anything to protect herself or himself. A very tiny new fantastic creature that The Creator blesses, how could anyone get rid of such a bless?!

It is not about your freedom, ladies, or your rights, it is about an innocent baby. Do you want to be a baby-killer? 

Next is your weekly family movie.

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