How Old!

Of course it is perfect to balance your life between work and entertainment! 😉
Dwight Schrute GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYYou might be surprised by one of your friends’ questions, which for some reason, at earlier time of our posts, was not answered due to giving the priority to another subject.

“I’ve discovered that, although I have no problem with my age, whenever people ask it they are always trying to argue something at my expense. Like they have more experience than me or I’m too old to be flirting with the waitress, or simply that I look younger or older than my age, always unflattering in the context.”

“So I never answer any more. They can’t make their point without a set number. If they insist, which they always seem to do, I say “Guess. How old do I look?” That usually stops them cold. Like I say, though, I have no problem with my age. My birthday cake at work can have the age written on it.”
That was the question of your 1Zumba friend, Luis.
Briefly he was bothered by people asking him about his age and his solution was not to answer that question. Maybe it is good to think about it and talk more in our next post.
Until we chat again, remember that everyday has its ups and downs, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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