Movies’ Time!

Beautiful feelings could come from minor achievements! 😉 

Two 2021 movie and episodes recommendations. The movie is called “The Weekend Away”. It is a family movie full of twists and surprises.

It is quite enjoyable although you might not be familiar with any of its stars’ names, but they are all in a good shape and know what to deliver.

Lately, Netflix introduced a number of new episodes: “Devotion, A Story of Love” which exposes how lust and desire could be pushing a person to another level of achievement in life although this could kill a marriage very easily.

The other successful episodes “Inventing Anna” 2022 is quite inspiring one that deals with a lot of this generation’s hopes and life methods in dealing them. Choosing the path that can take you to your target could be tricky and phony, but this is how many businesses are initiated according to the theory used.

The only part that should have been addressed correctly and fairly since it was mentioned that iThe costume designers of 'Inventing Anna' on how they recreated Anna  Delvey's scammer chic lookst was a story from real life: how a lawyer failed his client giving away all his trusted evidence to a stranger.

Also, how could a journalist lure a defendant not to accept a plea just for the sake of earning some success at the account of that victim (she was a victim of her dreams).

You have three options for your weekend movie time, and you’ll enjoy each one of them just take it easy, only one a day 🙂

Until we talk again, no matter where you are, you are with us and this is what counts, join us, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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