The unknown is only with its Creator! 😉

When can you do this? It is a dream for some to have it but it is already there in some countries, but not in your state.

Quitting Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStockDifferent countries are different systems, traditions, work-styles, and all other differences you’ve already known.

In the last how-many-decades, the rule was 8 hours work/day just b/c your boss said so. 

The 8-hours work system has been there before independence, how much more time is needed to correct this work system for public, for the most caffeine Archives - Glasbergen Cartoon Serviceneeded class of people: working people?

In some countries although sometimes they are called underdeveloped, yet they give their people THREE days off for a weekend. Nowadays, workers/employees are getting very smart. They quit when they feel 

Other countries, pay females when they get pregnant, or when they give birth for a child as a reward, what a smart way to increase population in a cheerful way. Where are you from all of this? 🙄

Until we chat again, should you communicate with us ? Yes, with our hugs & kisses BASU eAlarm® WRX 120dB Emergency Alarm (Wearable Model)



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