Appreciate your elderly to be appreciated by others! 😉  

Is it really possible to have good results if you did this? We do not know bc there is no chance to have an experiment, but maybe you can try these rules to follow, and maybe it will nurture the quality of loyalty you would like to see in your kids.Can your customer loyalty program pass the 'grandma test'?

In this post, the writer recommends five rules to use when raising up your kids to have a strong family ties, but the key is to apply it to yourself first and to be a good example with your kids’ grannies in real.

The five ways include: 

1- Make family safe space.
2- Do not compare kids.
3- Prioritize family.
4- Teach your children to serve one another.
5- Emphasize good values.

Thus you have one good potential solution, only one thing remains: make sure that you apply this when your kids are young enough to adapt 🙄

Until we chat again, what are the good values you want to teach your kids? With our hugs and kisses ❤

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