Day after day, podcast gradually enjoys larger space in the Media world. Lately, it is clearly shown that some podcasts are extraordinary outstanding.

Breathe some fresh air with this one. Something hilarious you rarely hear. Not sure if she prepared for that act or if it really happened to her.

You heard her story here: 😆

It is guaranteed that you will play it more than one time.

Previously, one of your post suggested exactly what is announced today by Maryland State: working for four days a week instead of five. It’s about time!

Great! Now you wish that all other states apply this system since it is proved that it increased productivity by 8% in six months. CA used to be the leader in new work trends. 

Most Productive!

Inside Red Phone Booth — a speakeasy in an unlikely Dallas-Fort Worth spotRemember that you could make a variation of this same system too, pleasing your employees and increasing your profits.

More News:
. Long ghostly nails are out of fashion in 2023 😦
. In Dallas, new cafe is in the horizon with its entrance door: a red phone-booth to find your way to the booze, the food, and the cigars 🙂
. Cold weather today in the Bay Area but soon it will be sunny again.

Until we chat again, think of your best day, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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