Real Gratitude!

You do your best to see a smile on their faces! 😉

Happy Family | Family cartoon, Family drawing, Family illustrationDo you think you owe your parents anything? A tough question considering the attack that adult children hold against their parents with all the excuses in the world (maybe supported by some invalid literature) to justify distancing.

Due to the sensetivity of this topic, it is better to be a good medium between both parties. The parents have their own viewpoint which will include a higher expectations than what the children actually offer.

Download free photo of Fun,laugh,cartoon,elderly,love - from needpix.comSome people dislike old age, and many TV hints advocate for this. However the truth is that everyone will be an elderly if living normal life.  Elderly people did not choose to get old. It is life terms, you can’t  defy or change.

Some parents did not invest in their kids, and for this reason, there could be some disliking going on between them, but this is not the norm. Exceptions exist.

Lately in a number of commercials, you see a bit of a change taking the side of the old parents, loving them, 5 Steps to Self-Love: An Essential Component to Parenting ~  Thisnthatparentingappreciating what they do or did for their children, which is a good phenomnon.

Parents are among the most important people in the lives of young or old children. Parents include mothers and fathers, as well as other caregivers who act as parents. From birth, children rely on parents to provide them with the care they need to be happy and healthy, and to grow and develop well.

In your community, you need more of this: love, respect, appreciation, and mostly gratitude. Many things can change if you have a good community.

In your next post, let’s have some fun with a movie this time.

Until we chat again, expect better days to come, with our hugs and kisses


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