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How could that be acceptable by anyone let alone by any parent? For the sake of your own kids, this needs to be urgently fixed. 

Dirty School Gets New CPS Treatment: Chaos | WBEZ ChicagoMany schools are infected with all kinds of insects crawling in the classrooms, in the bathrooms, or the hallways which could be a source of disease and sickness. Everyone in the school is affected by the terrible level of cleanliness which reached the Zero level.

When each school has only ONE janitor in charge, this is not even a joke it is something else that doesn’t have a name. Civilized places are clean. Are you heading forward or backward?

Parents, it is your role to check on everything in the school. It is your duty to ask your kids about the conditions of the bathrooms and the classroom. When the classroom has insects creeping into your kids’ bodies, this would have serious consequences.

abandoned building
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Remember, the virus can be transmitted among kids so is any other disease. Dirty places could bring more ailments to your children and they could suffer for the rest of their lives. Be aware of that and inspect all conditions your kids are exposed to. Be serious and do not let smiling faces fool you.


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