Family Miscommunication Solutions!

A lot needs to be said and you have a very specific time here! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends! 😉

Family has the priority in your decisions, but your family needs solutions for minor instances that daily take place. Differences in opinions may vary to the extent you decide. Trying to be moderate not too harsh and not too loose is a good policy but remember that having independent kids might be reflected when your kids are grown ups when you can not control them any more.

FamilySolutionsYou had an argument with your dad about a trip which he planned for the two of you, but you wanted to invite one of your friends to that trip and your dad does not agree for good reasons, You feel that you have good reasons too but you couldn’t convince your dad.

The argument escalated and you threatened your dad if your friend didn’t come, you wouldn’t go to that trip. Oh! Wow! 

Y: “Ok, I’m not going great. You keep coming up with all these excuses. You literally were willing to give him a ride, remember?

D: “Your friend lives with other people and there’s still some precautions for the virus that I can’t ignore due to the nature of my work. I have to be very careful.”

Certainly both of you have a point. Since your dad made that trip planning which did not include anyone else. Then this is a family time and you need to respect his wishes. You can’t threaten him that you wouldn’t go, it’s not acceptable since you’re not a kid anymore. Make it work. Find reasonable solutions and be generous to your parents.

Until we chat again, talk about what bothers you, this will give you a stress-relief, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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