July Travel!

You are having a great day, keep it great and welcome back dearest friends! 😉

It is so interesting and makes you really curious about that big number of people who celebrate the 4th of July by having trips outside the areas where they live.

PLEASANT HILL, CA — Heading out of town this 4th of July? Expect company on Pleasant Hill roads — nearly 48 million people are expected to travel over the coming holiday weekend, according to a new travel forecast by AAA.

Compared to last year, it should be more people going out or traveling, not only due to the 4th of July but also due to seeking entertainment and relaxation instead of continuously listening to bad news after bad news never stopped inside or outside the country.SophieTravel

Until we chat again, you owe it to yourself just to go out and explore near where you live, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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