Health Trivia⁴?!

Everyday you have new tasks, can you keep up with all of them?! 😉

MouthTriviaYour today’s health trivia is related to your mouth. What about it? 

Unfortunately, it is true that your mouth has an unbelievable number of bacteria: some are good and some are bad (25).

Some are laughing. Yes, of course it is a laughable number: SIX Billion!

Your mouth, or what scientists refer to as the oral microbiome, is “a complex community with lots of communication between bacteria of the same species as well as across species,” Fourre said.

Mouth-CareDo you think that it is real number? In fact, it could be even more since today’s science keeps changing every bit of a second.

Some Researchers say “the number of bacteria in your mouth is equal to the number of people who live on Earth.

Another mouth trivia tells you that without the saliva you have in your mouth, you can’t taste any food you eat. Check it up for yourself if you don’t believe it.

Maybe next post, you can play a game, what do you think? 

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Until we chat again, keep inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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