Your Sense of Humor!

How often do you pay attention to your loved ones? Do you think you should do it more? 😉

SophieSense of HumorWhere’s your sense of humor has gone? Where’s the American greats’ sense of humor? …. Wait a minute. What is the sense of humor?

Collins define it as:

Someone who has a sense of humour often finds things amusing, rather than being serious all the time.

Do you agree with this definition? You think that it is missing something. You are right bc sense of humor can be owned by anyone who choose to have it.

I'm Losing My Sense of HumorResearch tells you that people start losing their sense of humor at the age of 23, which sounds like a bad joke. Seriously. Because sense of humor does not know any ages, this is number one.

Number two sometimes sense of humor is attained by youngsters from their root families. For example, if the father likes to laugh with his kids or the mother mostly treat people with cheerfulness and have a laugh or two with others, the kids will be nurture this kind of sense of humor. The opposite is right too.

Once you have a sense of humor, you don’t get rid of it but events and life can take part of it or all of it away from you. It all depends on how you deal with your life journey.

Sense of humor in your community is important and it can help you achieve many things in your workplace, but there are too many elements in how to use your sense of humor.

There are people who feel that they were stripped of their humor and they can’t put their fingers on the reasons. Take this example:

I used to be hilarious. At 18, I made dummies by stuffing clothes inside clothes, rapidly rolling towels to construct “heads,” adroitly draping  ….more

[To Be Continued]

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