He Promised!

Just to be given this life, you are blessed! 😉  

Let's Talk About Breaking PromisesAre you one of these? Why breaking it? It is taken very seriously by many others who might tell you not to do this.

You need to know that that is so disappointing. You promised to do something for someone, whatever what you promised, it had a weight. For example, if you promised your grandpa, your mom, your friend, your brother/sister, anybody that you would fix that broken chair, you should do it pleasantly without showing any long face.

Welcome back friends from the US, Taiwan, South Africa, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, China, and all!

Let's Talk About Breaking PromisesBreaking a promise is essentially ethically unaccceptable, and it hurts and it gives you a bad reputation (if you care for it). It is also considered a kind of carelessness towards the person who was promised by you. 

Maybe you wouldn’t like this to happen to you by anyone else, so why then would you accept doing this thing that you dislike to anyone else? Remember, you should treat others the way you like others to treat you.

Supposedly, someone gave you a hope in achieving a dear project that you dreamt of having for many years. Then that person at the moment you expected him to start the help he promised, you got slapped with “no action” or “no interest” in doing that project. How hard this will be?

The best way to avoid this kind of incidents, that break your heart, you can always add a stipulation/condition that would require the other party somehow to compensate you for the damage they cause to you if they did not fulfil their promise. This way dignity will be served.

In your next post,  new trendy news 🙄

. Flooding in Monetery, CA
. Seattle, WA channels are full of sports events, snowy weather, and zoo animals
. Joshua trees need help and protection
. Strong wind and heavy rains 

Until we talk again, stick to inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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