Hard to calculate your blessings! 😉

Someone was pissed off by Safeway. The reason was the sudden increase in prices and the delivery unjustified bills not only that but also the impatient attitude with its loyal customers. Guess what is the reason for this?

Of course low-income people come on the top of these consumers.

Food pricesIs this fair to pay more while your wages did not increased or it did but not to meet the 100% increase. It doesn’t make any sense for many consumers who abandon many locations of Safeway, which is closing stores but not for theft as it was claimed but due to decreased profits.

Instead of making XX millions, they had 696 millions in loss 😦

There should be a decisive solution for the people‘s suffering. People should not be forced to pay more for food items or related services Cartoon of the Day: Grocery Store Robberythat should not be raised in prices for any any reason. You cannot keep up with prices spikes every single day and each day due to another absurd reason has nothing to do with your living.

You no longer believe in any of the fake promises. You just hear numbers of billions and trillions that are devoted to serve certain humanitarian problems with no real implementation.

Until we chat again, stick to us and read more to catch up with your inspirational ideas, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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