Bonjour 1Zumba!

Thank you dear friends for being with us. We’ve been impatiently waiting for you. So let’s start our day, with a smile šŸ˜‰

Is it possible to have someone know everything in our whole world? It’s impossible. Yes, right!Ā  But forĀ Some people, they find itĀ hard to realize this simple fact, choose to ignore it, or forget about it in their busy life.

However, we should always remember this, coz it would make our lives easier.

When you were a kid, probably your parents would say to you: “When you grow up, you would know everything, or you would know better”! This phrase could have been more accurate if it says: “When you grow up, you would know more”. Right?

su4Sure, because when you grew up, you might have found that you knew more, but not everything. If you specialized in law, you would learn about legal matters, but you may find yourself became more interested or involved in one specific area of the law. You may have more knowledge about legal matters than any other normal person, who is not specialized in this field, but also, you may have less knowledge in some particular aspects of the law, you did notĀ study or you did not get acquainted with for some reason, such as criminology, investigation, collecting evidence, etc..

In any branch of life, you would still have more categorization, e.g. in education, in engineering, in health, in journalism, and so on. When you need a physician, you can choose to go to a general physician,Ā  or a specialist such as a neurologist, a pediatrician, or an orthopedic depending on the symptoms you need to address. Even in the single specialty, there will be more advanced categorization, narrowing down your options.

With all these examples, and having said that, we can see how laborious it is for one single person to be acknowledged in all these lines of knowledge. Instead, there will be different people for different branches of knowledge, in order to be able to cover all these categorizations.

This brings us to a single conclusion: we -people- complete each other. We need each other. So, when I need a dentist, I will go to a dental clinic, where there is a receptionist, a hygienist, a dental assistant, and a dentist or an orthodontic. Each of them has its own role, each knows what they do, and have a certain level of knowledge about the job each is doing.

When I need to learn I would go to school; when I want to keep my physical fitness, I would go to a fitness class, coz it serves my purpose keeping me fit, and ready for my next day. It goes on and on; all in harmony. Thus, we should keep it together, love each other, respect each other, give a chance for each other to do the work we choose to do.

We should encourage each other, & accept each other as we are. We need each other, we seek the knowledge each other has. We need to depend on each other whether it was our choice or not. This is life, as Sinatra sang: “That’s Life”:

I guess what I am trying to say is that some people think that they know everything, which is far away from the truth. We only know parts of some facts, which is huge in itself, but still missing a lot. It’s normal coz the world we live in has enormous unlimited amounts of knowledge beyond our capacities as individuals and also as human beings.

We- humans- are limited in our senses, thence in our thinking; but we still have tremendous amounts of info, completing each other. Remembering that we add to each other, would make us act more nicely to each other. It would make us appreciate others more; in some cases, it would let you give others more respect. Of course, it all depends on how you see others.

Physical FitnessĀ helps you to see others more clearly, coz it would let you get rid of most of the stress created during your day. It would release any hidden anxiety with every movement your body is doing. Eventually, you would be relaxed,Ā and you would be startingĀ appreciating more things; this may include Ā everything around you including people.

You would have a smile on your face, energy in your body, and love in your heart. At the end of the day, you would say “Bonjour 1Zumba”Ā šŸ™‚

Love you all guys, remember us; we are always here for you. Reach out n send your comments, suggestions, emails, or others. Now, give me a big hug šŸ˜³

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