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Hello 1Zumba friend, today, let’s talk about making some money, for people who do not want to go to work everyday. Probably someone who is looking to work few times a month. I found this job is suitable for this purpose. So I here present it for all of you. Who knows may be one of your friends or relatives would be interested in having this easy-making-money job!

If you like to have your own stamp, and to be an official notary guy, so this is it for you! As David Stiles says: “There are a lot of ways to make money as a Notary and not just $5.00 at a time. Every state has a different opinion of what a Notary can and can’t do. Also the schooling/classes are different for every state. Luckily, there is the National Notary Association to help you with all that, keep you up to date on the newest laws and things you can’t do, and give you ideas of other things you can do as a Notary to increase your income or make things easier for you. NATIONALNOTARY.ORG is the biggest place to find all this information and to join up.

BECOME A NOTARY USING NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION (NNA) – Their start page begins with California. Choose your state from the dropdown menu below the top of page to the right. Some states (like California) require you to take a class (that costs money) to become a notary and some just charge a small fee to cover the paperwork. Either way you’re going to earn that money back.

As promised, here are 24 ways to make money as a Notary, or if you’re already one, this list can help you increase your reach:

1. Tell people that you are a Notary.

This sounds so simple, but if you were to survey half the people you encounter each day, many of them do not know that you are a Notary who can help them.

2. Have promotional pens made and pass them out everywhere you go.

You will be surprised at how much business you will receive by doing this.

3. Attend networking meetings in your area.

Google Notary business and trade events and signup for them. They are excellent opportunities to get together with other professionals. Say they got a mortgage signing just outside where they usually want to travel. They know you live there and have it transferred to you. Boom! $50 to you.

4. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Attending regularly adds credibility to your business and your branding strategy, and you rub elbows with other businesspeople in your area.

5. Become a mobile exam proctor.

You meet with students taking a remote test to make sure it’s actually them (by proof of identity) taking the test and that they don’t cheat. The typical fee for proctoring an exam is $25-30 per hour. Availability of assignments varies, but can range from 10-20 exams per semester. SMARTPROCTORING will help you become a proctor for them and make money.

6. Perform process serving.

Process servers serve legal documents to individuals such as subpoenas and other court-related documents (like divorces, child support ect). (WARNING: They are usually not very happy to get these papers and some could threaten or carry out bodily harm). Check with your jurisdiction as to what is required of you to become a server. You don’t have to take every one, and you can try once and if it’s too hard or too scary, you can give the papers back and decline.

7. Organize a community shred day.

Many officials will express an interest. Shred day helps raise awareness to identity fraud and theft.

8. Hold seminars about how to buy your first home.

This is easier than you might think. Just contact a local real estate agent or loan officer to host your event. You do all the marketing, and they provide the expertise, making this a win-win situation.

9. Offer seminars about identity theft.

As Notaries, we are experts in our local area when it comes to identity, and this allows you to build an “expert” reputation in your community.

10. Give promotional items and business cards to your local post office clerk.

Many people incorrectly think they can get all their documents notarized at the post office, but your local post office will refer them to you.

11. Network with your local UPS and FedEx store managers.

At this time, FedEx stores are not offering Notary services, and many UPS stores only offer limited service.

12. Have logo shirts made and wear them to community events.

This is a great way to advertise that you are in the Notary business.

13. Join a Notary professional organization.

Joining an organization like the NNA offers opportunities to stay in touch with the latest changes in the industry and new marketing prospects.

14. Network with other Notaries in your neighboring communities.

This is one of the most important things you can do to build your business. Professional Notaries network with other Notaries in surrounding towns in order to build their clientele.

15. Post a profile on Notary websites.

Doing this is like broadcasting your business with a megaphone to clients that use Notaries on a regular basis. Signingagent.com (part of NNA) is an excellent example of a website where professional Notaries can post their profile.

16. Find a Notary mentor.

Having a Notary business mentor will not only help you make more money as a Notary, but will also help keep you from making major business mistakes.

17. Become a mentor to another Notary.

This can help you grow as a professional after becoming a mentor, and this role can help you build a more holistic, well-integrated business.

18. Develop a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social media is here to stay and developing your presence will pay dividends.

19. Follow up with your existing customers.

This is an often overlooked must-do, but maintaining and managing relationships with your existing customers is one key to your success.

20. Attend professional Notary development conferences.

National Notary Association Conference and learn an incredible amount from the business workshops.

21. Start accepting credit cards as payment.

Accepting all forms of payment opens more doors and revenue streams for your Notary business. Now with Applepay and Square and Googlepay, you can do it with your smart phone.

22. Place a large sign or Notary logo on your car for your business.

Notaries around the country frequently do this and report great successes.

Implementing just a few of these techniques is well worth the effort and will help you strategically grow your business.

23. Be a wedding official

Four states (Florida, Maine, Nevada and South Carolina) authorize commissioned Notaries to perform marriage ceremonies as part of their official duties. Other states may let you with a special wedding permit. Check your local laws.

24. Be a Notary Signing Agent

They facilitate loan closings for the mortgage finance industry. You must be a Notary before starting the NSA certification process. Notaries should be aware that opportunities to conduct loan signings may be limited or restricted in some states. I did this myself in Florida and Arkansas. This was 10 years ago. I was paid $50 to notarize after someone signed first or second mortgage loan papers. They all lived within 10 miles of me and took less than 2 hours time. I met some at their house and some in a public place. They were happy to see me because I was helping them get a lower priced loan on their home.

You usually have to explain several times that you can’t answer ANY questions about the loan, just be the Notary. Any questions will have to be answered by their loan originator. At least 50% of the time, the mortgagor DID NOT explain the stupid APR where the government makes them show what the APR is in 1 years time that also includes the closing costs of the loan built in it, confusing the people about what the actual interest rate of their loan is for 30 years. Example: The clients interest rate is 3.2% for 30 years. The APR on the paperwork might show 3.7% because it includes the closing costs and loan acquisition costs that the client is paying factored into the first year. It’s NEVER explained by the mortgagor because they just want to get the client through and signed quickly for their money. You will see this over and over, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with what the real interest rate is and what an APR is.”


How do you feel now my 1zumba friend, does it sound like a headache for you to do? Actually one time, I was introduced to a friend, who was doing that job, and she seemed to be happy about it. So it is all up to you, and how do you see yourself doing things, and of course your personal circumstances.  My guess is that you would tell me: “1Zumba, I’m thinking!”

Love you all and miss you all the time, just keep reading and writing to us. You’re the best thing ever happened to us 😉




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