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Although our first question yesterday was: “Why is magic so appealing to people?” Erika said we owe you a definition for the word “Magic” before we can go into that. I agreed, it’s reasonable to give a brief definition to be more specific about what kind of magic you’re expecting to hear about from us.

Thus, what is “Magic” then as we intend to talk about here? It is hard to answer because it will still include a number of sub-categories, but for the purpose of our discussion, it’s everything that can amaze you, every action that takes your breath away, every scene that would surprise you and puzzle your brain, every move that would shake your exploring instincts and makes you curious. This or any other thing that would cause the same mental reaction in your mind.Magic1

The other sub-category of magic is the illusion which is produced by magicians or amateurs in the form of tricks.

Why most people would want any of this magic then, why is it so appealing to have magic around them?

. Human instincts: Reviving this deep excitement sense of curiosity which is born with each one of you. The “know-how” is eating your brain. It wants to know how the clouds turn into rain, how the wand sends those stars as far as up to the sky. Curiosity is a quality that let you explore new things and it is never satisfied coz it looks for more all the time. You see one trick but you’ve got no answer how that happens, and you’d hope if you watch the second one, you’d be able to solve that puzzle, and you keep watching till the end, but you end-up empty handed, unless the magician would explain the tricks to you.1st magicTrick

. Relief: Entertainment. As we explained this point to you before, entertainment is a huge business, and it is still growing, because people will need continuous entertainment. The more they get, the more they will need. Getting used to be entertained and relaxed can become a habit that you cannot get rid of specially when the whole community around you are acting the same, or that you’re getting programmed by the media.

. New: You need new things all the time, and magic has gone a long way to become a really thrilling entertainment. The magicians from everywhere in the world are always after new tricks and new secrets, and that is what makes it more interesting to most of you.

. The Unknown: One group embrace the unknown and another group fear it. If you are from the group which embraces the unknown, magic will be a great deal for you. You’ll make a trip to see more secrets and try any chance to discover the unknown.

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. Captivation: With all kinds of evolution that took place in your world, with the new technology used in lighting and in theaters nowadays, it becomes so alluring and captivating for you to watch.

Magic is loved by all ages: you loved it as a kid, a youth, an adult, and a senior. May be in a different way, but you did.

Oh! We’ll need to continue in our next post. Until then, check back on your topics, get your muse words, with our hugs and kisses

. 7 reasons for magic attraction.


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