Perhaps you need a demonic shifting via other routes! 😉 Dear readers and friends, thank you for coming back, and welcome the US, Canada, Thailand, the UK, Czech Republic, India, Serbia, Ukraine, and Philippines 😉


I love the New York Times new attention-grabbers. It’s funny and sometimes mysterious in a good way. For example, I’m not sure if this is a turtle or a human. Berry said it’s out of space shape. Really?

Whatever it is, it works, coz it grabbed her attention and mine too for some reason: perhaps the creativity it has. Although it’s size was small, but it’s working.

Foreo International

Look at this video clip too:

It’s quite impressive. You would like too: the colors, the drawing, the simple yet sophisticated rhythm, the theme for the story.

Many of you appreciate nice drawing as we do, but when you read its words sometimes it makes more sense to you. You act as if seeing the mindset behind that work, and admire it even more!

Until we talk again, enjoy your morning with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses


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