On the Road⁵!

Only insecure entities wish to change history, but failed; the truth proved them wrong! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Brazil, India, Romania, Cameroon, and Russia! 😉

What’s going on with Flanner? May be Nothing with that chaotic traffic, and driving at 5 m/h, things change, and people start looking at each other in their cars, but for our friend, it was totally different; he enjoyed the slow traffic. He wanted to have more of that lovely lady and her tiny fingers with her special nails tapping on her wheel with music.

F. was in a reverie as if sitting on a cloud up there in the sky, as he said, feeling nothing around him in those four-lanes busy way. He was almost in the mid part of his trip going home, but he didn’t care anymore to go anywhere. He wanted to be behind that white car,  he had to move to the left lane in order to be back again to where he was before that guy cut him off taking his spot behind his lady. Yeah, she became his lady!
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Flanner explained that in order for him to shift from the first right lane to the next left lane, and then go back again to that first right lane was as hard as playing acrobatic act, but he had to do it. Once he succeeded, he kept his distance from his lady’s car very minimal so nobody else would jump in in front of him.

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On the Road5Flanner was filled with joy when he caught a smile on her face: “I didn’t know what to say or what to do, when she gave a brief smiling seeing me doing that shift in between lanes to be behind her. I swear she understood what I was doing. Oh yeah, she seemed to smart sophisticated lady. Her top was white and kind of light hand-made fabric you can see through it. I only saw a little bit of it. I think she was able to see my admiration look behind my sunglasses when I gave her back a tiny smile.”


“Oh! My heart was jumping like a kid, and I didn’t know if I should write my phone number and try somehow to give to her or what? Hmm Gee, the traffic started to ease up and the vehicles began rolling back to normal, and there is no way to ask her to stop or to just talk to me in any way. So weird so unfair. Fair? Huh! On the road?”

Until we talk again to see where F gets his end, stay tuned to our updated topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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