From time to time, listen to nature! Watch the sun rays going through the branches! 😉 Hey! Welcome back to your pages friends from the US, Romania, Qatar, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Brazil,  the UK, Canada, and India! 😉

Do you like cheerful colors? If yes, that makes us two. In this instance, my mind flew back to the store where I bought my water bottle. Of course you remember that I told you about the FIVE pounds I gained over the last two weeks.

Yesterday I had some fitness dancing over a few songs that I had accumulated over Image result for birthday candlesthe years, on my YouTube channel for exercise. It took about 20 minutes. As a start, it was cool.

Today I walked for 45 minutes though it was interrupted by a quick stop for buying a water bottle. I’m still ok with that, but I didn’t dare to weigh myself. Remember, it was FIVE MORE POUNDS!

sophiecreativecandlesAs for colors, when I was in that store buying my water bottle, I noticed lovely colorful birthday candles. Their shapes were very creative, and you know me, I love creativity.

sophiestoreproductSandy surfing the online images to find the candles I described for her, she couldn’t find any, so she drew some similar shape. It was a bit close, but not quite. Andy jumped in saying that he knew exactly what I talked about, which was great coz it was true, he found a typical picture for the product I meant.

Until we talk again, did you get your reading dosage today, if you seek inspiration, reading is your main clue, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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