Survival Spirit!

This is how it is supposed to go, but are you aware of this?! 😉 Dearest friends everywhere, writers readers bloggers and all, thank you for being here with many others from everywhere: the US, the UK, Croatia, Netherlands, Egypt, Russia, Canada, India, Germany, France, Japan, Qatar, Australia, Latvia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Guatemala, Bahrain, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and all! 😉SophieSurvivalSpirit2Amid all these threats of being affected by that ugly virus,  here come these amazing survival trends in your communities day after day.

While some businesses decide to close their doors, there are others who are insisting on opening their arms doing all what it takes to stay open and to provide their services to their beloved cusotmers. SophieSurvivalSpiritEvery time there is a new modification they cope. They patiently meet the new required rules that CA administration announces. They adjust and comply  with agility and resilience.

You and I do admire these great people and their persistence, but the most to be admired is having this fantastic survival spirit that would support them in beating this vicious demonic virus.

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Lovely WholesaleLovely WholesaleQatar Airways

Until we chat again, check on all related topics, comment or ask questions keep busy with out hugs and kisses SophieChannel

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