$ 1.99?!

You do your forecasting but destiny always wins! 😉 All friends from everywhere, welcome back to your pages. Special thanks for our readers from the US, the UK, India, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Macau, Serbia, Qatar, China, Nigeria, Romania, Costa Rica, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, and all! 😉

Did you hear that?

It’s a question about having open plants or factories instead of closed ones. Is this possible?

Allowing natural ventilation to refresh the air inside the plant or is there some gases or smog in every factory that necessitate the factory to be in a box?

SophieThreadsMaybe if you have a reply to this pls share.

What brought that question was a small box of threads that was manufactured outside the US and it is everywhere in $ Tree or 99 Cent stores.

In the US market when this box is sold for $2, it’s a competitive price and you do not see any other similar product around. All $1 stores depend on products coming from that tariffed country.SophieBatteries

This goes for a long list of other products.

It has been the policy of how to swallow the whole market, just by introducing the lowest possible prices then when your foot is there you can make money more than ever coz you’d control the supplies and eventually the market.

Therefore, more factories are needed and more “Made in USA” products. Can you do this? Yes, absolutely!

Until we chat again, why don’t you get us some answers for the questions that were asked and share with all of us? With our hugs and kisses

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