Welcome back friends from everywhere! 😉

When did the current US election system start? In the year 1787! Can you imagine that?

Why wasn’t the system updated  or fixed by any administration so far, especially after the huge embarrassment of the irregularities, proved fraud, and clear proofs of infiltration?

How could the US elections be protected from the foreign influence while the Media made it too accessible for that and interfering with the users’ choices and manipulating them?

Would declaring the Marshal Law for reasons of  the wide-scale conspiracy among media, political parties intentional abuse, foreign countries,  and trade wars be a solution? 

Who is paying for this chaos?  It’s the People!

Who has the power to put back the system onto the right path? It’s the People!13

The People seems to be very decisive in getting a serious fix for all the issues that took place within that last funky US elections in all States that were involved.14

Until we chat again, there’s a lot to understand through all the hints that you hear in that rally, with our hugs and kisses

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