CA Recall²!

So astonishing that you can finally see bipartisan efforts but only in pushing CA recall! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US,  Brazil, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, and all! 😉

CASometimes, the gold is not gold and the silver is not silver. It is all an illusion. This is how Californians have felt for a long time. Californians have suffered a lot of big problems over the years especially in homelessness, housing, gas prices, mental health, addiction, suicide, infrastructure and others. They kept watching a group after another getting in control of administration and excel in taking fake pictures promising the public solutions for their living problems.

Unfortunately these groups of gangsters control all CA resources leaving its residents with accumulation of problems. “Boss is only eager in signing papers and preaching for the good” as if this is the job and this is what the people elect them for, but people now are so tired and exhausted and poor. They can’t live a decent living. The controlling patronage can’t feel how the common people feel b/c they do not live their harsh tough life. They live on CAthe opposite side of the rope. 

OAKLAND — California has recall fever, and no elected official is immune from the coronavirus’ political side effects. Incensed residents in conservative Shasta County have accused their supervisors of tyranny while pulling papers to oust them from office for their Covid-19 restrictions. Liberal activists accused Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg of having “blood on his hands” for failing to open shelters before a winter storm that killed multiple homeless people, demanding Steinberg resign within 72 hours and then launching a recall. In the heavily Democratic Bay Area, affluent parents are trading school board recall tips, taking inspiration from San Francisco voters seeking to remove officials who spent hours renaming schools while classrooms sat empty. While the pandemic-fueled effort to dislodge Gov. Gavin Newsom has drawn the nation’s attention, it may just be the start. Ongoing rage in local communities has spurred efforts across the state to toss leaders, taking a cue from the gubernatorial election that is almost certain to qualify. “We’re seeing recalls up and down the state of different elected officials, and not because they’ve done anything illegal but because they’ve done things people don’t agree with and quite often something they campaigned on,” said Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). More

Until we chat again, you don’t know what will happen or where are they taking you, with our hugs and kisses


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