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The kids were laughing and the teacher was managing well her class, but when she thought about the wide difference among her students in their aptitude level, she started wondering why and how to deal with that.

Old English Sheepdog: Breed Info, Pictures, Traits, Facts | Doggie DesignerTake this example when she asked Preston about his reason in calling himself “Picklenut”, he said that he used to go to the dogs’ park with his dad where there was two dogs parks: one for the big dogs and one for the small ones. So far there was nothing abnormal then what happened? One day he noticed a dad with his daughter leashing a dog that looked like a sheep and it was medium in size so that was why they were at the small dogs’ park.

After few weeks, he ran into them again but that time it was in the big dogs park where they had a similar dog but bigger than the one they had before. Their dog was not eager to be friend with Preston’s however Preston’s dog didn’t stop attempting to walk towards their dog.

Finally after few laughs the two fathers became a bit like friends after talking about different subjects and Preston also had a chance to speak to the girld who was almost his age. Her name was “Saidi”. 

10 Reasons Why We Love Old English Sheepdogs — Animal Hearted ApparelSaidi and Preston became friends after finding out that they actually lived near each other but in different schools. She according to Preston became his girlfriend whatever that means for a boy of 9 years old.

Saidi’s dog was an Old-English-Sheepdog-breed and she loved her very much. She also loved her baby dog which looked like the bigger one. Her dog’s name was “Picklenut” but unexpectedly her dog died. The real name of the dog, as Preston said, was “SamSam”. You see the dog had two names one real and one for fun as a nickname with no relevant connection except that that was the way of thinking for that young girl.

Back to Preston, you now understand a little bit how he came up with an alternative name or a fake name for himself in the class of K2. 😆

You can analyze that incident as an educator and find out what it represents and how to deal with your class activity/plans and the real world for each young scholar you have in your class.

Until we chat again, it is a new world let’s hear from other teachers who had similar experiences or have any thoughts related to our topic, with our hugs and kisses ❤SophieChannel NewYellos Qatar Airways Worthy BerrylookSOUL


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