Phase 2!

Good to see you dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Costa Rica, Colombia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Poland, Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ecuador, Thailand, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey, El Salvador, Spain, Brazil, Réunion, Bangladesh, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Egypt, Nepal, Poland, Ireland, American Samoa, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Belarus, Canada,, and all! 😉 😉

Girls, are you ready for the 2nd phase of your MA (Marriage Advisor) project? 

Now you get your appearance and smell under control and you decided about the qualities you would like to have in your prospective husband. This phase should take 2-3 weeks considering that you work until 3pm and the rest of the day is yours. If you work more hours try to cancel few of them to get enough rest since this is going to be reflected on your face and mood.

Phase2MarrProjectThe 2nd phase is easy when you finish the first one building a good foundation for your project. You better take your time so that you feel very confident about your plan. You can start making visits to the places which have the highest possibilities of meeting the person of your choice.

Girls! You have plenty in your plate: you have the city/county events as a source, the fitness clubs, the dating sites (although their stats went down), the places you may volunteer at on purpose, and family’s relatives or acquaintance.

Remember, when you think you find the right one, ask about him first making sure that he is not married, that his age is close to yours, that he has a clean background, etc.. Then you arrange for an introduction to him but still do not show any excessive Excitement of meeting him. Be moderate in your reactions may be in everything. Give the guy a chance to talk. More to come. 🙄

SophieChannel NewYellos Qatar Airways Worthy Berrylook

Until we chat again, there is five more phases to come and if she was proved right pls share with us, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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