Hint of Love!

From here, we welcome all of you everywhere dearest friends! 😉

When you find words speak to you, what are you going to do? When you feel that that move was meant to be expressing something special for you, what would you do? 

Plenty of questions may come to you and the answers are all yours but you are not really looking for answers, what you are looking for is just the enjoyment of the unspoken words.

You feel something that makes you happy; something that made you feel that you exist. It is funny, isn’t it? Funny that you are in love with a ghost; you are in love with words but not any words only words that aim directly at you as if it is looking you in the eyes saying “hey there I’m talking at you”. SophieLoveWords

Find love even if it was in words, in a picture, or in a ghost who for some reason connects with you. Find love in a flower, in a kid, in a neighbor, in anything that brings that special feeling to your heart.

Strange things happen all the time without warning or explanation and while you’re looking for something that makes you smile and feel alive, you get this hint that refreshes every cell in your heart, giving you a breeze of  life.

What a joy!

Until we chat again, enjoy while you’re here reaching up for a higher level of inspiration, with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel NewYellos


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