Great things are coming! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, and India! 😉

Will told me one time that it was the aroma that attracted him to that area of the store. At that moment I didn’t think about it that much. It was just chatting.

Now, when I rethink about it, I’d say yes the smell of anything you come across is quite significant. Sometimes, it is compelling. Sometimes, it would raise certain feelings inside of you. It might remind you of someone you like, or it might invite Image result for ads for  perfumes cosmeticsyou to try your chances with a new person.

It is that complicated and even more. Mandy told us about how he used to go to a specific store just to smell the fragrance of one of the associates there. He said that he was so attracted to her to an extent that he wanted to ask her out, just to keep smelling her perfume. Terrific, right?

Nevertheless, each one of you may like different scent, you are not all the same. What you would smell fabulous in your nose, might smell awful by somebody else. But is your perfume considered part of your make-up?Shop now!IGXO CosmeticsUntil we talk again, it’s time for cheerful make-up since you’re heading towards Valentine’s Day, with our hugs and kisses ❤GeekstoreShop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!


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